0.8 Liter

This site sends out free samples of full size products and it’s all up to random chance. They mostly offer beauty products but you can find other products. After you join simply connect your social media accounts and fill out the brief profile information. Then click on Try from the top menu to see all the products you could win a chance to try out. Click on the products you are interested in to apply. You will want to favorite the products you want to try and follow the brands offering the products. When the time has run out to apply you want to click on the Try from the My Page menu. Then click on WIN to see if you won! If you are lucky enough to have be chosen, you will need to be sure write a review (on whichever social media account you said you would post it on) after you have tried the product.  You will need to post a review on the site AND on Facebook or Instagram (whichever one you said you would post on).  You can do your social media review before or after the site review but I personally recommend posting on social media first so all you have to do is copy and paste the URL to the the site after you finish the review that will be on the 0.8 Liter site. And you also need to upload a review in a timely manner because you will have limited period of time to do so. You need patience when using this site because it can take weeks before you are chosen since the winners are randomly chosen. But it is my understanding that once you get chosen, you can have an increased chance of being chosen again. If you’re interested in giving it a try, simply click here and see if you can beat the odds!

Products I have received for FREE to try out and review:

EssenHERB Soybean 90 Deep Cleansing Oil (click here to read my review)

Yadah Auto Lip Crayon in Dazzing Red (click here to read my review)

W. Lab Milk Bubble Body Scrub (click here to read my review)