Learning to go with the flow.


I discovered Mandy Hale, via Facebook, a couple months ago. I find her quotes to be inspiring and sometimes empowering. This one I ran across this morning and thought it was something I should share.

Sometimes individuals get caught up in details to the point of getting picky. While it is important to figure out what you want to get out of life, where you want to go, and what you want to do, we also need to learn when we are being so particular to the point we are being close minded. I remember hearing from someone(can’t recall who it was) on a video about a year ago saying that changing your dream didn’t mean you failed because sometimes the new dream is more fitting than what you originally envisioned for yourself. And that is what this Mandy Hale quote made me think of. Sometimes when life is working against what we envisioned for ourselves we should take it as a sign to evaluate what we want and consider that maybe we need to go back to drawing board. Am I saying give up? Not at all! Sometimes those moments, those frustrating moments, are just testing how bad we want our envisioned dream. Regardless of which is the case, still a sign you need to rethink your dream. Perhaps a sign that you need to rethink how to get there. Sometimes when yoy let go of what you think you want and go with the flow you end up finding something better than you could imagined.

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