Getting re-motivated about change

Change is a good thing. It can also be very fun and rewarding when you make the right one. However, when one decides to change a part of themselves, a part of their lives, it isn’t always a cake walk.

Earlier this year I graduated from college. While I do find the change of pace from having to read boringly written textbooks and studying for exams, a part of me misses it already. I have spent so long in college that it is the life I have come accustomed to, so getting acclimated into the “real world” is quite the challenge. It quite exciting but also scary. I finally get to start doing more work toward building the career I want to have in this life. However, there are fears, like what if I don’t have what it takes? What if I am choosing the wrong path? And other doubts I am sure is normal when someone makes a change in their life.

In the beginning, after I graduated, I was so excited about life, felt so accomplished. I was quite motivated to get out there and lead a different life, to work towards having the life I desire to have. As time passed by, that shine wore o ff some. I have gotten depressed and lost confidence in being able to achieve what I want to do. So what do you do when this happens? How do fight these blues? I think it is pretty simple: Time to sit down and evaluate your plan. How far have you gotten? What other steps is left for you to take? And then change your approach you were taking.

I recently had to do this with my goals. When I realized it was time to do something different because what has been going hasn’t been working for me. So I took charge and gotten on Google Play and downloaded a goal application to see if it will help me stay on track. I have since set some goals and planned courses of actions. I really like having that visual of seeing how much I have done, or haven’t done. I hope being able to have a better record of how I am coming along will provide a little kick in the butt to put things in a higher gear with taking action.

What do you do when you reach a slump in making a change? Feel free to share your tips!

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