Butter in Coffee?: Bulletproof coffee…

So I woke up this morning and came across an article via Facebook feed about this new trend about butter in coffee. I will say, the article was a little misleading because the coffee drink, Bulletproof coffee, is more than just adding butter to it. Bulletproof coffee is actually a drink mix you make as a breakfast replacement. The following article discusses reasons why making Bulletproof coffee a part of your diet is probably a bad idea.


**I would like to say that if you are interested in possibly doing the Bulletproof coffee that you should do additional research. A friend of mine mentioned that there are some red flags, like strongly implying correlations that may not be necessarily the case. I just wanted to share an article with arguments against it. I am quite open-minded that this may be healthier than it sounds. Like butter, real butter is actually a good. I don’t see me ever do Bulletproof coffee but perhaps if I am out of creamer and sugar but desperately want coffee, I may add it as a last resort. I think the occasional cup of the coffee mix but I don’t see how it would be healthy daily. With that being said, I think at the end of the day, how healthy it is will depend on individuals and their personal health wellness and lifestyles.**

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