Having fun learning a new language…for FREE!

Have you ever wanted to learn a new language? Or perhaps you would like to brush up on a foreign language you haven’t spoken in years? Did you know there is a site available that helps you accomplish this…for FREE!!! This site is called Duolingo!!!

I took French in high school, many years ago, and have been meaning to brush up on what I had learned and learn even more of such a beautiful language. A few days ago I happened across an article via an article I happened across via a LinkedIn group. In addition to French, the Duolingo also offers free courses for: Spanish, German, Italian, and Portuguese. There are a few additional courses in early development that or are currently in Beta version: Dutch, Irish, Swedish, Turkish, Hungarian, Russian, Polish, and Romanian.

My favorite feature I like about this site is there is an app you can download that will allow you to learn the language through use of your phone or tablet when you aren’t able to use your computer! Plus, you have the opportunity to compete with friends on the site! The lessons are pretty short and is set up sort of like a game in that you have set number of lives that you are taken away when you are wrong. If all are lost, you have to start the lesson all over again.

There really isn’t any good excuse to not begin working on learning a new language today, unless of course the one you are interested in is unavailable. When it comes to this site, je suis content!!

Here is the site again… http://www.duolingo.com

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