“Digital Technology and Music Education – What Makes a Successful Project?” -My Response

Memoirs of a Hazard

This topic is very close to my heart. I remember in elementary school, which was about 20 years ago, having classes that we called “specials” throughout the week. These specials were Art, Gym, Computers, and my favorite, Music! I think I still have my recorder from fourth grade. I still know “Hot Cross Buns” by heart! Since then, I have dabbled with playing songs like “My Heart Will Go On” from the Titanic. I’m actually pretty good! I have always been a very musical person, in the fact that I listen to it and sing everyday (can’t imagine my life without it), and I am a musician and singer for a living. With that said, this article touches on the current issue of music education in schools and the importance its impact has on its students.

This article from Huffington Post was written by Sarah Derbyshire and really piqued my interest. Derbyshire discusses her…

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