My Pursuit of Happiness

Last year my new year’s resolution had been to learn to be happy wherever I was in life. When I told my little sister about this she looked at me a little confused. Finding happiness has been a struggle for me for a very long time. And, yes, there have been brief periods of time when I had found a small piece of it. Seemingly to disappear as soon as I acquired it. Last year to aid in this pursuit, I dove into reading some self-help books.

While I have made some progress, I’m still not where I want to be. I made this pursuit of happiness my resolution for this year as well. I began the course The Science of Happiness last December. I have finally made it halfway through the course. And as of most recently I have began using Happify, which is a pretty interesting site full of many different tracks, premium and free, that include various activities and games to help find happiness. I have also began a course on Music Business, an industry I have being dreaming of having a career in since high school. And this dream has guided much of my decisions throughout the the years. And, yes, I have found myself getting off track more than once due to getting lost in other things in life, but I always find my way back. I have faith that with a lot of work and determination, I can achieve this happiness I desire.

One thought on “My Pursuit of Happiness

  1. I recognize what you say and I myself have found my peace in being satisfied. What I am is enough for me and I find that thought pushes me forward. I do a lot of volunteering aswell.
    Anyway wish you all the best in your pursuit of happiness 😉

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