Crocheting for a Cause: Myself

A long time ago, when I was about 8-9 yrs old, an aunt of mine introduced me to crochet. Since then I have spent time dabbling with it but not doing anything serious with it. Though there is a afghan that has been a work in progress off and on for years stashed in a closet somewhere.

Finally after much time of not doing anything crochet related, I happened across a video for how to make a Hello Kitty beanie (Hello Kitty being my niece’s favorite character) and began my latest crochet adventure. I completed her beanie and even made her a purse, which didn’t come out as good as was hoping but niece still adored it.

I have two projects that are in progress: a pixel baby blanket and a minion for my sister.

I am grateful that I found the Hello Kitty beanie tutorial and for some free yarn (old yarn) I am able to acquire through a connection. Crocheting has provided a lot stress relief for me, some much needed relief for the situation I am in right now. I have even been blessed with a couple people coming to me requesting projects to be made in the future with intentions on paying me! It’s a very exciting time for me despite being unemployed. So until that great day comes when I can be employed, I will continue to crochet a lot. And even after. I will continue to crochet, though the frequency may differ time to time, this craft will always be a part of my life in some form. While it is true money can be made crocheting, this will not be the reason why I will continue to make things. I will do so because crochet has helped me cling on some sanity and given me purpose when I felt directionless and hopeless. I will crochet for myself.

**I have added a new page to my About Kris section: Crochet Projects, where I will post pictures of my projects**

2 thoughts on “Crocheting for a Cause: Myself

  1. Good for you! I also have found crocheting to be a huge stress reliever as I began teaching last year. Even though there are things in life we cannot control, such as the job market or our students’ lives, it is wonderful to be able to make something with your own hands and feel that accomplishment. Great work!

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