Stuck in a Rut (and other topics)

Hello! I know I haven’t actually blogged here in a long time. A big reason for that is there just hasn’t been much going on worth talking about (other than crocheting). Over the past few weeks I have found myself in a bit of a rut. Life is going okay but I just have these feeling of being stuck. I still crochet a good bit, I just don’t have much “crojo” (crochet mojo) or excitement for making things with the skill as I used to. Time to evaluate things and make some small changes in my life. I am considering expanding my skill set when it comes to crafting with yarn. Perhaps I will make some projects using Tunisian crochet, or maybe attempt a knit project. Take up a free online course? I already tried that and it didn’t really do any good this time. I’m sure I will figure it out in time.


I didn’t plan on really saying anything about this past election but the way people have been reacting has moved me to want to say something. I am very disappointed in both sides for how they are acting. A lot of people are acting immature. There have been complaints on Facebook about seeing hateful posts from fellow friends which many have found disturbing. Fortunately, I have lucked out with not seeing anything hateful but I have seen a lot of posts from my Facebook friends expressing fear and hurt. It is one thing to be proud when you get your way or to be disappointed when you don’t in a mature manner. All people are doing by not acting or expressing themselves maturely is making themselves (and others similar to them) look really bad. And it just simply bothersome that people are going to the extreme and making fools out of themselves. Plus, these people are setting bad examples for future generations. It’s okay to be proud but don’t rub it in or use as an excuse to be outright mean. It is okay to hate that your choice of candidate didn’t win but it is not okay to whine or be hateful. I am not happy with Trump winning but I am not going around spreading hate for him winning. Am I skeptical? Yes, but at the end of the day it doesn’t change the fact that he is our president-elect so there is no point wasting time whining like a spoiled brat who didn’t get their way. Redirect that energy to something more constructive that can actually cause some change for the better.

The Vampire Diaries (Final Season)

On a more bittersweet note, I would like to talk about the current, and final, season of TVD. I was watching the most recent episode of the show and realized how the phoenix stone tied in with this season (at least how it appears to). Fellow fans may remember that the stone is meant to liberate the vampires who escape it. Stefan was suppose to accept that the best thing for him is to let his brother go and Damon was suppose to embrace his dark side fully. Both of them fought against that last season but it appears that this season’s events are trying to even harder to force them to accept what the phoenix stone tried to tell them they should do. Just something I noticed that I thought was worth mentioning in case it didn’t hit other watchers. Is anyone else a little underwhelmed by the siren storyline? I have not seen Sybil as much of a threat, though she is a bit of a threat with Damon serving her. I was pleased to find out that she actually really isn’t the big villain, but her master is. Even before the most recent episode I already felt like she was just a means to introduce the “big bad” of the season. Or at least that is what I am hoping for.

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