This Is What Triggers Your Insecurity, Based On Your Zodiac Sign — Thought Catalog


(July 23rd to August 22nd)

You tend to derive a lot (or sometimes, all) of your self-worth from your achievements and successes. Your motivation, work ethic, and creativity are some of the most positive things about you, but the insecurity comes when you place all of your weight on succeeding and being the best and you end up failing – because you often unintentionally trick yourself into believing that failure means you are unloveable.

How to help yourself: Continue working hard and striving to be the best and don’t feel bad about it. But also remind yourself on a constant basis that you are human, you aren’t perfect, and it’s more important that you are trying than it is that you are always succeeding. Your worth comes from working hard and putting yourself out there, not from being flawless.

(This is definitely an insecurity of mine! Ever since I graduated college, and have fewer achievements under my belt, I feel a certain degree of incompleteness.- KasperGrl)

unsplash.comAries (March 21st to April 19th) Convincing yourself that if you ever give up your adventurous, nonstop, always-on-the-move lifestyle, that you will lose all sense of identity. You’ve always been known as the exciting and spontaneous one, so you start to feel really insecure when you slow down for a little while, because you worry that no one will…

via This Is What Triggers Your Insecurity, Based On Your Zodiac Sign — Thought Catalog

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