Adventures in Product Testing- New Section added!

I have just added a new section to this blog. Late last year I began signing up for a handful of sites that occasionally offer free samples of products in exchange for completing a few tasks. These tasks usually consists of sharing a picture of the product and writing a review after trying the product out. Simple and easy. If you click on  ADVENTURES IN PRODUCT TESTING from the menu above you will be taken to a page devoted to these programs I have signed up for. You will find out which sites I have signed up for and have received boxes from.  You will also find a list of complimentary product samples I have tested sent by these programs. It’s a little slim right now on content, but I will be expanding it soon as a test and review more products.

**3/16/2017: I have added a new page to archive all my product reviews of complimentary products I test. Hover your mouse over ADVENTURES IN PRODUCT TESTING and you will see Product Reviews pop up below. Simply click on it to read my product review posts.**

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