Smiley360: Vitafusion Vitamin Gummies

It finally has happened! I was finally offered a sample mission from Smiley360 that I thought would a good fit for me. I was sent all three of these Vitafusion vitamin gummies for FREE to try out and reviewing purposes. The below opinions are my 100% my own.


Vitafusion Everyday Energy

I received Vitafusion Everyday Energy vitamin gummies early April. These had a delicious peach tea flavor to them. It is recommended to take 4 gummy vitamins a day. I tended to take 2 of the gummy vitamins with a bottle of water after first waking up. I later took 2 more in the early evening to help give me an extra boost to help keep me awake until my boyfriend came home from work. I would definitely recommend this to anyone who needs to have an extra boost to make it through the day.

Vitafusion Simply Good Complete Multivitamin & High Potency B-12

In addition to being able to try out Vitafusion’s Everday Energy vitamin gummies, I also had the privilege of trying out Vitafusion’s Complete MultivitaminHigh Potency B-12!  I received these other two vitamin gummies a few weeks after I started taking Everyday Energy. I really enjoy both of these flavors! The Multivitamin was in a natural blackberry and the B-12 was in a natural pomegranate flavor, which actually my favorite flavor between all 3 vitamin gummies! Within days after I started taking these everyday (twice a day) I started feeling more energetic and more healthy. I simply just feel better.

I really enjoyed these Smiley360 sample missions and vitafusion will definitely be a brand I will turn to purchasing when I am looking to fulfill vitamin gummy needs. This woman just became a repeat customer for this brand.


Do you take vitamin gummies? Do you take vitafusion vitamin gummies or a different brand? Which ones do you take???


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