Crowdtap Creamer Missions

This month I was fortunate to be chosen to do 2 sample missions for Crowdtap. These missions were also my very first with the site! The missions I was chosen for were the One Touch Latte by International Delight and Dunkin Donuts creamer.  I received coupons for both of the creamer products (and Dunkin Donuts coffee) so I could try them for free. I had to complete a handful of tasks as I tried both of these creamer. They were pretty simple and easy to do. Since both these were through the same site and related, I decided to do a single post for both of them.


One Touch Latte by International Delight

I had seen videos of this creamer by being used and I was quite excited to try it out. I was sent a coupon to redeem for a free product of the One Touch Latte. I debated which flavor to choose for this free sample mission and ultimately decided on the Mocha one. I had seen videos of the creamer being used and I was quite excited to try it out. My first couple attempts were unsatisfactory (and disappointing!) so I took to Instagram to figure out what I did wrong. Turned out I wasn’t pressing hard enough. After I tried it out the third time it finally worked the right way! And it was quite fun to do! I love the flavorful frothy layer it left on top.

Then I had a second problem to solve: I wasn’t liking the flavor and needed to figure out the right amount to add to get that mocha flavor I wanted. The next couple cups I just added a hint of Dunkin Donuts vanilla creamer (from my other sample mission with Crowdtap). I did figure out the magic amount to get closer to that mocha flavor I was hoping for. I’m not crazy about the mocha flavor but I did like this product. I am going to be trying out the two flavors in hopes that at least one of them I will fall in love with! If you love lattes but don’t want to leave your home, I would recommend trying One Touch Latte.

Dunkin Donuts Creamer

I have always favored Dunkin Donuts coffee so I was very excited about being able to try out the Dunkin Donuts creamer. In addition to receiving a coupon for free coffee creamer, I was also provided a coupon for Dunkin Donuts coffee! I decided on the Dunkin Donuts Vanilla coffee creamer and the 100% Colombian Dunkin Donuts coffee. I really enjoyed this Dunkin Donuts Vanilla coffee creamer (and the coffee, of course!) and will definitely be getting it again. The creamer has a good strong vanilla flavor and is very sweet. Sweet enough that I think I might try a cup minus sugar. The combination of Dunkin Donuts creamer and coffee really did make the most perfect cup of coffee!





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