Chatterbox Chat Pack: Kleenex Multicare Tissues

I discovered Chatterbox (from House Party) awhile back. Back then when I discovered it they were offering a Brita Stream Chat Pack which I really wanted in on but, unfortunately, I wasn’t chosen to be involved with. Finally, after a good while of no more Chat Pack programs being made available, another program that I was interested became available.

I decided to apply for the Kleenex Multicare tissues Chat Pack because my boyfriend already love the brand and always have Kleenex tissues around the house. I lucked out and was chosen to be involved in this program. Which I was really excited about since it is my first Chat Pack I have been chosen for! All I had to do was complete a small handful of simple activities that only take a few short minutes to do.


These Kleenex Multicare tissues are just as soft as regular Kleenex but they are a good bit larger, 75% larger. As much as I like these tissues, I actually haven’t found much use for them (yet) and have just been using them as napkins so far. I do think these will be handy if an accidental spill or mess occurs, which is really rare for me and my boyfriend, but I do have peace of mind knowing that I have these tissue around just in case something does happen.

Do I recommend these tissues? Definitely! I do see good use for them for anyone who is prone to make spills/messes that are too big for a regular Kleenex to clean up and I am sure these will come in handy if suffering a really bad runny nose. If nothing else, they make a good napkin for meal time. I look forward to discovering other uses for these tissues.

**I received a free box of Kleenex Multicare tissues from House Party to try out and review but my opinions are 100% my own.**


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