Product Review: Zoganic’s Pineapple + Digest Probiotic

As I get older I have become more health conscious and have become more interested in taking dietary supplements to help optimize my health. Probiotics is one of the supplements I have started to take an interest in. I was fortunate to be chosen by Zoganic to try out a free sample of their Pineapple + Digest probiotic supplement drink. 1 box of Zoganic probiotic supplement drink is full of antioxidants, nutrients, vitamins, probiotics and energy.


I opted to add the probiotic supplement drink powder to an 8 oz cup of filtered water. It ended up tasting a bit on the watered down side. I was okay with this because I’m not a huge fan of pineapple flavor. I’d recommend adding it to 6 oz for a stronger flavor. And, yes, it did taste like pineapple very much. I think being able to drink probiotics is a more convenient, and more flavorful, way of keeping your digestive system healthy. If your interested in alternative probiotic supplements, definitely give Zoganic’s Pineapple + Digest a try. You can even save 50% on your order if use the code at the bottom of this blog post.

Even though I opted to take Zoganic via water, there are other ways you can take this probiotic drink. Here are few alternative ideas:

  1. Add to your favorite smoothie, juice, or tea.
  2. Add to a smoothie bowl.
  3. Add to your favorite cocktail drink
  4. Blend with your matcha green tea.

More information on Zoganic

Zoganic is a family-owned business that offers a small variety of supplement drinks. Zoganic supplement drinks come in convenient powerpaks that are perfect for busy people on the go. You’ll get all the vitamins and nutrients you need fast in their packs and for less than what it cost for a cup of coffee. Zoganic supplement drinks are safe for both adults and kids to take.Plus, Zoganic is made in the USA and is made with real fruit and herbs- nothing extra added. Their powerpaks also only have 1 gram of sugar! Zoganic has 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed, Money Back Refund if you don’t like it or if their supplement drink(s) doesn’t work for you.


Follow @DrinkZoganic on Instagram and try Zoganic today by clicking here to go to their official website. Use the code HEALTH2017 and save 50% on your order!

**I received a sample of this product for free to review but my opinions are 100% my own**


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