Influenster: Revitalift 14 Day Challenge

About a momth back I was fortunate to be chosen to participate in the L’Oreal Paris Revitalift Challenge. I was sent a free product of Revitalift from Influenster to try out in exchange for an honest review.


The Revitalift Challenge was for me to use Revitalift Triple Power Moisturizer day and night for 14 days to see if I noticed a difference. I have been quite blessed with some good genes in my family so my age didn’t really start showing until last few years. I remember my fellow college students being shocked when I revealed that my real age was a bit older than they thought I was. In recent years my skin has started looking a little less youthful so I was excited about being chosen for this Revitalift challenge.

Revitalift Challenge: Day 1
Revitalift Challenge: Day 7
Revitalift Challenge: Day 14









The smell of Revitalift is little bit on the perfume-y side but I still found it to be a nice smell. But did I notice I difference? I actually did! And I think it can be noticed in the above photos (despite them being in different angles)! At the end of the 14 day challenge I had smoother, more youthful looking skin AND I noticed my little frown line had faded a little bit as well.

I am quite pleased with results of my Revitalift Challenge and I plan on adding Revitalift into my daily regimen of skin care.

Do you use any Revitalift products or any anti-aging products?


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