27 Shades of FREE: How to Get Free Magazine Subscriptions

Magazines are a quick, fun read when you don’t have enough time to commit to reading a book. I’ve always liked magazines but haven’t been able to read any over the past years because I haven’t been financially able to afford to pick any up. A few months ago I happened across some information about how it is possible to get complimentary magazine subscriptions! These are completely FREE and are not one of those trials you have to cancel before they start charging. Here are list of various places you can find complimentary subscription offers from.

  1. ValueMags – This site has a variety of free magazine offers available. Some of them in print, some of them are digital. Also the free subscription offers vary from an one issue subscription to a year subscription. You can also earn MagPoints which you can redeem for rewards or select magazine subscriptions. Log in every day to earn 5 MagPoints. You can also earn MagPoints by refering friends, opening e-mails sent from ValueMags,  or completing activities/offers. Subscriptions I have received from ValueMags: Better Homes & Gardens, Family Circle, Diabetic Living, and 1 issue of Bridal Guide.
  2. Recyclebank – This site has apparently been around for quite awhile. You earn points by learning about recycling. It’s not very time consuming and you can earn a lot of points within a short period of time. There is a limit to how many points you can earn monthly but I am unaware of what that limit is and have yet to reach the limit.  One of the rewards you can redeem your points for is magazine subscriptions to various magazines. It’s quite easy to earn enough for a few magazine subscriptions within a couple hours. To see the selection available right now click here. You can also redeem points for select products from the One Twine shop. If you actually recycle you can earn even more points towards rewards. Subscriptions I have received from RecycleBank: Everyday with Rachael Ray, Road & Track/Car & Driver, and Highlights For Children.
  3. Mercury Magazines – Simply fill out the short form and they will let you now which free magazine subscriptions they have available for you. Don’t offer anything you’re interested in or no offers available? Don’t worry! Once you sign up for the site they will send an e-mail to you when they have any offers available! When you get an e-mail offer for a magazine you are interested in simply click on the link and then fill out the form again before subscription offer runs out. You can also find out about current offers from Vonbeau or Yo Free Samples. Unfortunately, signing up for an offer on Mercury Magazines doesn’t necessarily mean you qualify to get a subscription but you won’t know until about 10-12 weeks later because the publishers of the magazines don’t always let you know you didn’t qualify. I have yet to run into this issue but I wanted to be upfront about the possibility. Subscriptions I have received from Mercury Magazines: Weight Watchers, Bridal Guide, and Entrepreneur.
  4. Reward Survey – This was the very first site I started getting free magazine subscriptions from. This site is really easy to use. Just take a quick survey (which takes only a few minutes) and earn money to go towards rewards like magazine subscriptions! Most subscriptions can be redeemed after doing your first survey. They typically update the survey once a week but every once and awhile it happens 2 or 3 times a week. You don’t have to take the survey every time you log in if you aren’t interested. Just scroll to the bottom of the survey and you can click Skip Survey and Redeem Points to go straight to the current selection. The selection changes a little week by week. And some of them will require you paying a $0.99 processing fee. Which is still a pretty darn good deal if you think about it. I’ve seen a few that always ask for it but there are some publications I have seen that don’t always ask for it. So you can always just check back later to see if the processing fee goes away. Subscriptions I have received from Reward Survey: People, Real Simple, Robb Report, Glamour, and Shape.
  5. Reward Bee – This is another site that offers free magazine subscriptions in exchange for taking surveys. This site works a little different than Reward Survey. Instead of having to log in every week you can take surveys whenever you want and as many as you want. If you aren’t interested in any of the magazines available on the survey page you can always go to Redeem Points and select one from there. I don’t recommend taking too many all at once if you plan on gifting subscriptions you are interested in getting yourself because once you subscribe to a magazine you can only subscribe to it from a survey page that has it among the selection it you can get. Subscriptions I have received from Reward Bee: Entertainment Weekly, Cosmopolitan, Allure, Cooking Light, Bon Appetit, Marie Claire, Good Housekeeping, and Vanity Fair.
  6. Pinch Me (via Magazine Gold Card) – Pinch Me is a sampling site but they also occasionally offer bonus magazine subscriptions too after Sample Tuesday has passed. The selection available is limited. I just recently signed up for a renewal and a new subscription so I haven’t received anything yet.
  7. Swagbucks (via Magazine Gold Card) – This is at the bottom of the list because it can take awhile to be able to get a free magazine subscription. Swagbucks is one of those short tasks and survey sites that you earn points when completing tasks/surveys (or in this case Swagbucks) which can be redeemed for rewards like gift cards. One of the rewards offered is for a free magazine subscription (or a renewal) from Magazine Gold Card. You normally would need 1000 SB but right now the offer is on sale for just 250 SB! Subscriptions I have received through Swagbucks/Magazine Gold Card: Yoga Journal and Taste of Home’s Simple & Delicious.

There are more sites out there but these are the only ones I have used.

If you have any issues with a subscription, contact the publisher first. If they don’t fix the issue within a reasonable time then contact the service you received the offer from to let them know that the publisher is not fulfilling their obligation.

Wish you all a great day and a great week ahead of you!



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