Not only does Crowdtap give you the opportunity to try out free samples but you also get to earn  $5 Amazon gift cards just by simply completing various activities, including applying to try out samples! The activities vary from answering polls to sharing content to uploading photos. The more brands you join, the more opportunity to earn the amazon gift cards and to try out more samples. The only thing that I don’t like about this site is that they make you work for applying for samples. You have to complete onboarding and an application and you need to do it quickly to increase the chances of you being chosen to try out the sample product. What I do like about this site is that activities update daily the majority of the time! I earned my first 2 $5 gift cards within about a month. Some of the brands you can find on Crowdtap are: Jif, Tide, Nutribullet, Kashi, Silk, Secret, French’s, Almay, Jergens, and Sargento. The list of brands have grown over the short period I have been a member. Ready to start earning gift cards and apply for samples? Click here to join the crowd and start tapping!

Products I have been able to try out for FREE courtesy of Crowdtap:

May 2017: Creamer Missions

International Delight One Touch Latte

Dunkin Donuts Creamer

Click here to read my review of both of these creamers!