Daily Goodie Box

Daily Goodie Box offers a box full of FREE samples for people to try. The name is a little misleading because you don’t necessarily get a goodie box of sample daily BUT they do ship off boxes on a daily basis. They offer a good variety of product samples (most of them on the healthy side) AND they vary month to month. There can be a lot of waiting based on  but some are lucky to not have to wait so long. I was one of the fortunate people who was selected for a my very first box within about 30 days after signing up on the site. The good news is that Daily Goodie Box does also offer opportunities for followers to be selected to receive a box when they don’t qualify for a box (which is how I was selected for my first box) so you’ll want to follow them across all your social media accounts (Tip: they tend to post between 4pm-5pm EST) all you have to do is either guess how many boxes they shipped that day OR just comment on the posts.  After you receive your box filled with samples, and have tried them out, simply go to the site and fill out a review for the individual products and you can fill out one for the box. After you have completed the reviewing process you will then be eligible to receive another box. Click here  if you’re ready to start receiving Daily Goodie Boxes filled with product samples to try!

Daily Goodie Box Review: April 2017