Product Testing For FREE

Did you know that there are multiple sites out there that you can sign up for that will send you product samples to try out? And for free? All these sites ask for in exchange for being sent these product samples is to complete a few small tasks (they usually require something like sharing a picture of the box full of sample on social media and/or writing some reviews). Easy Peasy!!! This page of this blog will focus on my sampling experience through the sites I have signed up for. Interested in signing up for a few (or all) of these sites yourself??? Then simply click here to find out more details about some of the available programs so you can decide for yourself which programs will work best for you. Below you will find a list of the sites I have signed up. Click on the site title to learn a little bit more about my experience with the site.

Enjoy, and if you know of any sites you think I should try out, please don’t hesitate to let me know about them! Simply click on the the site title to learn more about the site’s sampling program. Also, signing up does not guarantee selection to sample certain products. To be chosen you must qualify to receive product offerings. Be patient if you don’t qualify right away.






Daily Goodie Box


0.8 Liter

House Party/Chatterbox

More sites being added to the list soon!