Get FREE Magazine Subscriptions!

Do you love reading magazines? Did you know that there are various sites that offer FREE subscriptions to various magazines? Why pay to read the magazines you love when you can enjoy them at no cost to you!

FREE magazine subscriptions in exchange for taking surveys

Reward Survey – Take the weekly survey and earn $20 to go toward a magazine subscription of your choice! Can be great for sending free subscriptions to friends and family!

Reward Bee – You can take as many of their surveys available when you want to! I don’t recommend taking to many at one time if you plan on gifting and magazine subscriptions of any magazines you like to read because once you order a magazine you can only order a new subscription for a different address from the survey pages!

*Both of these sites offer a different variety of magazine subscriptions so I highly recommend becoming a member of both them.*

Other FREE magazine offers!

Value MagsThis site has a variety of free magazine offers available. Some of them in print, some of them are digital. Also the free subscription offers vary from an one issue subscription to a year subscription. You can also earn MagPoints which you can redeem for either a gift card or a magazine subscription. Log in every day to earn 5 MagPoints. You can also earn MagPoints by refering friends or completing activities/offers.

Recyclebank – This site has apparently been around for quite awhile. You earn points by learning about recycling. It’s not very time consuming and can earn a lot of points within a short period of time. There is a limit to how many points you can earn monthly; I am unsure of what that limit amount is at this time.  One of the rewards you can redeem your points for is magazine subscriptions to various magazines.  To see the selection available right now click here.

Mercury Magazines – Simply fill out the short form and they will let you now which free magazine subscriptions they have available for you. Don’t offer anything you’re interested in or no offers available? Don’t worry! Once you sign up for the site they will send an e-mail to you when they have any offers available! When you get an e-mail offer for a magazine you are interested in simply click on the link and then fill out the form again before subscriptions run out.

Unfortunately, signing up for an offer on Mercury Magazines doesn’t necessarily mean you qualify to get a subscription but you won’t know until about 10-12 weeks later because the publishers of the magazines don’t always let you know you didn’t qualify.


Don’t believe getting FREE magazines is posssible? Check out the list of magazines I am currently receiving completely FREE from one of the sources listed above!

  1. Field & Stream
  2. Bon Appetit
  3. Entertainment Weekly
  4. People
  5. Allure
  6. Good Housekeeping
  7. Marie Claire
  8. 1 complimentary issue of Bridal Guide (As 5/14/17 this offer is still available click here to claim your free issue before this offer expires!)
  9. Real Simple
  10. Better Homes & Gardens
  11. Cosmopolitan
  12. Weight Watchers