House Party/Chatterbox

House Party is a site that offers people to sample products (for free) in 2 ways: throw a themed party OR just write a review for the product on the site and share your review on social media. I am not a real social person in real life so I joined this site mostly for the Chatterbox aspect. Oh, by the way, when it comes to House Party you have to throw your party on a certain day. Applying is really easy; simply fill out a short survey, complete a few short activities to increase your chances of being selected, and then wait to to see if you receive an e-mail saying you have been chosen. If you are chosen, they will send you a Chat Pack filled with the product and any other information you need to know. You will then have to complete some activities before your deadline. The activities are easy and only take a few minutes. The Chatterbox program is fast-paced so you will only have about 2 weeks to complete the activities. Afterwards you will then need to fill out a short survey (link sent to your e-mail) about your experience with the product & the program. Click here to sign up to be a Chatterbox and to see upcoming programs you can apply to.

Chatterbox Programs I have participated in:

Chatterbox Program #1: Kleenex Moment Pack

Kleenex Multicare Tissues

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