Influenster: Revitalift 14 Day Challenge

About a momth back I was fortunate to be chosen to participate in the L’Oreal Paris Revitalift Challenge. I was sent a free product of Revitalift from Influenster to try out in exchange for an honest review.


The Revitalift Challenge was for me to use Revitalift Triple Power Moisturizer day and night for 14 days to see if I noticed a difference. I have been quite blessed with some good genes in my family so my age didn’t really start showing until last few years. I remember my fellow college students being shocked when I revealed that my real age was a bit older than they thought I was. In recent years my skin has started looking a little less youthful so I was excited about being chosen for this Revitalift challenge.

Revitalift Challenge: Day 1
Revitalift Challenge: Day 7
Revitalift Challenge: Day 14









The smell of Revitalift is little bit on the perfume-y side but I still found it to be a nice smell. But did I notice I difference? I actually did! And I think it can be noticed in the above photos (despite them being in different angles)! At the end of the 14 day challenge I had smoother, more youthful looking skin AND I noticed my little frown line had faded a little bit as well.

I am quite pleased with results of my Revitalift Challenge and I plan on adding Revitalift into my daily regimen of skin care.

Do you use any Revitalift products or any anti-aging products?


Product Review: Zoganic’s Pineapple + Digest Probiotic

As I get older I have become more health conscious and have become more interested in taking dietary supplements to help optimize my health. Probiotics is one of the supplements I have started to take an interest in. I was fortunate to be chosen by Zoganic to try out a free sample of their Pineapple + Digest probiotic supplement drink. 1 box of Zoganic probiotic supplement drink is full of antioxidants, nutrients, vitamins, probiotics and energy.


I opted to add the probiotic supplement drink powder to an 8 oz cup of filtered water. It ended up tasting a bit on the watered down side. I was okay with this because I’m not a huge fan of pineapple flavor. I’d recommend adding it to 6 oz for a stronger flavor. And, yes, it did taste like pineapple very much. I think being able to drink probiotics is a more convenient, and more flavorful, way of keeping your digestive system healthy. If your interested in alternative probiotic supplements, definitely give Zoganic’s Pineapple + Digest a try. You can even save 50% on your order if use the code at the bottom of this blog post.

Even though I opted to take Zoganic via water, there are other ways you can take this probiotic drink. Here are few alternative ideas:

  1. Add to your favorite smoothie, juice, or tea.
  2. Add to a smoothie bowl.
  3. Add to your favorite cocktail drink
  4. Blend with your matcha green tea.

More information on Zoganic

Zoganic is a family-owned business that offers a small variety of supplement drinks. Zoganic supplement drinks come in convenient powerpaks that are perfect for busy people on the go. You’ll get all the vitamins and nutrients you need fast in their packs and for less than what it cost for a cup of coffee. Zoganic supplement drinks are safe for both adults and kids to take.Plus, Zoganic is made in the USA and is made with real fruit and herbs- nothing extra added. Their powerpaks also only have 1 gram of sugar! Zoganic has 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed, Money Back Refund if you don’t like it or if their supplement drink(s) doesn’t work for you.


Follow @DrinkZoganic on Instagram and try Zoganic today by clicking here to go to their official website. Use the code HEALTH2017 and save 50% on your order!

**I received a sample of this product for free to review but my opinions are 100% my own**

Mailbox Freebies: July

I think I had a pretty good freebie month. Not as much as I’d like, but still a good bit. What all did you get for free last month?

***Complimentary Magazines***

Reward Survey

  1. Robb Report Royal Favorites issue (July)
  2. People (July 10th, July 17th, July 24th, July 31st, August 7th issues)
  3. Glamour (July & August)- Pantene Samples
  4. Real Simple (August)
  5. Field & Stream (August)
  6. Allure (August)

Reward Bee

  1. Cooking Light (August)
  2. Cosmopolitan (August)
  3. Good Housekeeping (August)
  4. Entertainment Weekly (July 21/28 double issue, August 7th)
  5. Marie Claire (August)
  6. Bon Appetit; The Simple Issue (August)
  7. Vanity Fair

Value Mags

  1. Diabetic Living (Summer 2017)
  2. Family Circle (August)
  3. Better Homes & Gardens (August)


  1. Road & Track (August)

Mercury Magazines

  1. Entrepreneur (July/August)
  2. Bridal Guide (September/October) and Honeymoon & Destination Wedding Guide supplement

Magazine Gold Card  via Swagbucks Rewards

-Taste of Home Simple & Delicious

***Freebies & Free Samples***

Peace Tea sticker

20 Free 4×6 prints from Snapfish with free shipping (via Fourth of July promotion)

In Touch Weekly Bible Reading Plan and May & August 2017 Devotional booklets

2 Belif samples ( 1 Hungarian Water Essence, 1 True Cream- Moisture Bomb)

3 different samples of Zoganic  & information cards from Swaggable ( Pineapple + Digest, Coconut + Energy, Multi + Refreshment)

1 sample of Zoganic Pineapple + Digest (Tomoson)

Bragg Samples of Nutritional Yeast, Sea Kelp Delight, Organic Sprinkle (recipes and reading materials included)

Turning Point Illustrated

7 Ester-C Effervescent Packs + 2 $1 off coupons/information booklets ( Better C Nation Social Media Link)

Here and Gone by Haylen Beck (Blogging for Books)

Dark Oak Book One by Jacob Sannox (Goodreads Giveaway win)

Celt Heart Coconut Cream lip balm (Facebook win)

W. Labs Milk Bubble Body Scrub (0.8 Liter)

Lumene Valo  full size sample of Day Moisturizer with SPF from SoPost

It Works! Greens On The Go (I was contacted by an Independent Distributor via Instagram to try out the product in exchange for trying it out for the next 30 days and doing social posting on Facebook & Instagram)

PinchMe Sample Box (My second box):

  1.  ZzzQuill (2 LiquiCaps)
  2.  Sensodyne Deep Clean
  3. Pure Leaf Iced Tea (1 tea bag)
  4. Hidden Valley Simply Ranch
  5. Bonus Codes: Free 8×8 Shutterfly Photobook, $30 off first Hello Fresh box, $100 of case of wine from Virgin Wines, and Free Graze Box.

SmartyPants SmartySquad Sample Box

  1. Temporary Owl tattoo (1)
  2. Small SmartyPants Buttons (3)
  3. Coconut Cream lip balm (1)
  4. Kids Complete Gummy Vitamins in Cherry Berry flavor sample packet (2)
  5. Kids Probiotic Complete Gummy Vitamin in Strawberry Creme flavor sample packet (1)
  6. Adult Complete Gummy Vitamins sample packet (1)
  7. Adult Complete Probiotic Gummy Blueberry flavor sample packet (1)

Influenster VoxBox

  1. Maybelline SuperStay Color (Fuschia)
  2. Maybelline SuperStay Eraser

Smiley360: Sundown Naturals Probiotic Gummies

Late May I received a full size sample of Sundown Naturals Probiotic Gummies to try out for another Smiley360 mission. I’ve known for a few years that Probiotics are suppose to be quite beneficial for health so I was quite pleased to be on this mission.


During this Smiley360 mission I took 2 Probiotic Gummies a day every day. I liked the flavors of the gummies but I found the gummies to  be a bit of a harder gummy than others I have tried in the past. I would have preferred it to be a little softer.

So did I notice any difference? Not really. I did have a better peace of mind from me simply taking them though. I also don’t think taking them was a waste either despite not feeling any results. I am still going to take probiotics time to time, and possibly this particular brand, because I know it is good for me. I think it might be better to start taking these closer to the dreaded cold/flu season since probiotics are suppose to help with immunity.

Do you take Probiotics? Which brand do you prefer?


27 Shades of FREE: How to Find Free Samples

Welcome to the very first post of my 27 Shades of FREE series I am starting. I want to start better organizing this blog and thought this would be a great way (or at least a fun way) to kick off the beginning of doing so. This first post is going to focus on how to find free samples. I am planning on posting something new for this series about once or twice a month. Hope you enjoy!

I’ve always loved getting free samples but I didn’t really seek them out on a daily basis until earlier this year. Getting free samples is a pretty awesome way of being able to try out new brands and products. The problem with hunting samples is that it can be time consuming. Fortunately, there are various sites that keep updated lists of free samples that are available. Some of these even have text alerts so you are notified right away! In addition to making free sample hunting less time consuming, they also tend to give you a heads up about scams (or questionable companies) to stay away from. The following are free sample list sites that I check in with regularly:

  1. The Balance: If you are just starting out hunting for samples, I would recommend this as a starting place. Not the most updated list BUT there is a list of sample offered recently that might be still available. I recommend this site for people who are just starting out hunting samples because the list is easier than going through pages and pages of previous offers. Also includes complimentary magazine subcriptions.
  2. Vonbeau: Updates daily and offers text alerts. Also includes coupons.
  3. Yo Free Samples: Updates daily.  Offers a sign up for daily alerts.
  4. Freebie Depot: Updates list once a day.
  5. Freebie Shark: Very popular site. Most of the freebie hunters I follow are following this list. You can also find coupons here.
  6. Get it Free– I don’t really visit the site that often but I am signed up to receive e-mails from them. Occasionally they will send information about free sample offers that I haven’t found on other lists I have looked into.

If you’re new to looking into finding free samples, I hope you find this list useful. If you have already been doing if for awhile, which site is your favorite to follow? Any sites you recommend that I haven’t listed?


Product Review: Live Well Compass Matcha Green Tea


I like my morning cup of coffee but my morning coffee doesn’t always like me so I have been looking for some alternatives. I was quite fortunate to have been chosen to receive some Culinary Japanese Green Tea to try out. I was really excited about trying out this product because I had heard/read good things about it in the past but hadn’t gotten around to trying any.

Over that past week I started replacing my usual coffee with a Matcha Green Tea Latte. The recipe for the latte (found on the back of the package) recommends adding 1 teaspoon of the Matcha Green Tea Powder to a small amount of milk, and then use the back of a spoon to form a paste, afterwards you are to add 1 cup of a milk, and lastly sweeten your latte to taste with honey or stevia.

On the first day of trying out a Matcha Green Tea Latte I followed these instructions exactly. Unfortunately, I found that my latte was way too strong! And I wasn’t able to finish the whole cup. A couple days later I decided to try the Matcha Green Tea again. This time I only added half of the powder. This latte was a bit on the weak side but much better than the first one I made. The third time I made a latte I added 3/4 teaspoon of the Matcha Green Tea Powder and the results were the most pleasing.

I’m not really crazy about the flavor, but it isn’t bad. I’m just not used to it. I think the more Matcha Green Tea Lattes I drink, the more I will enjoy the flavor. But did it actually give me energy? Yes! The energy lasted for hours and I also had no jitters. I also didn’t have a crash later like I tend to have on the days I drink coffee.

I would definitely recommend this product to anyone looking for a coffee alternative. You can order your own Culinary Japanese Matcha Green Tea Powder on Amazon today by clicking here.


**I received this product for free to review but my opinions are 100% my own**

Chatterbox Chat Pack: Kleenex Multicare Tissues

I discovered Chatterbox (from House Party) awhile back. Back then when I discovered it they were offering a Brita Stream Chat Pack which I really wanted in on but, unfortunately, I wasn’t chosen to be involved with. Finally, after a good while of no more Chat Pack programs being made available, another program that I was interested became available.

I decided to apply for the Kleenex Multicare tissues Chat Pack because my boyfriend already love the brand and always have Kleenex tissues around the house. I lucked out and was chosen to be involved in this program. Which I was really excited about since it is my first Chat Pack I have been chosen for! All I had to do was complete a small handful of simple activities that only take a few short minutes to do.


These Kleenex Multicare tissues are just as soft as regular Kleenex but they are a good bit larger, 75% larger. As much as I like these tissues, I actually haven’t found much use for them (yet) and have just been using them as napkins so far. I do think these will be handy if an accidental spill or mess occurs, which is really rare for me and my boyfriend, but I do have peace of mind knowing that I have these tissue around just in case something does happen.

Do I recommend these tissues? Definitely! I do see good use for them for anyone who is prone to make spills/messes that are too big for a regular Kleenex to clean up and I am sure these will come in handy if suffering a really bad runny nose. If nothing else, they make a good napkin for meal time. I look forward to discovering other uses for these tissues.

**I received a free box of Kleenex Multicare tissues from House Party to try out and review but my opinions are 100% my own.**

SheSpeaks Unboxed: It’s Always The Husband

When I first joined SheSpeaks late last year but I hadn’t been invited to a program until a few months ago when I was surprised by an invite (via e-mail) to participate in a SheSpeaks Unboxed program for reading a book…for FREE. I like to read, so naturally I jumped at the opportunity! The book I was invited to read and review It’s Always The Husband by Michele Campbell.

It’s Always The Husband is a thriller about 3 women you befriended each other when they became roommates their freshmen year of college. About 20 yrs into the future one of them finds themselves on an old bridge being urged to jump to her death. As you read the book, the mystery of what happened that night is revealed along with exploring the complicated history these 3 women has shared over the years leading up to the night when one of them is murdered.


Overall, I rather enjoyed the book. It kept me on the edge of my seat waiting to find out the truth. The book is split into 2 parts. The first part has time jumps which wasn’t executed as strongly as it could have been. I wish they were better organized and I wish there had been more exploration of the relationship between the 3 women. Fortunately, the second part is a lot better! No time jumps. It just focused on finding out how the mystery woman ends up dead. I was honestly shocked to find out who did it and why. The book is definitely worth the read and I was recommend it to anyone who likes reading a lot.

Interested in reading this book? You can order your own copy of It’s Always The Husband by clicking here (Amazon) OR here (Barnes & Noble).

**I received a free copy of It’s Always The Husband to review but my opinions are 100% my own.**

Smiley360 Mission: Purex Crystals

One of my latest Smiley360 missions was for me to add Purex Crystals to my laundry routine. I was sent a coupon which allowed me to pick out the Purex Crystals fragrance of my choice and try it out completely FREE.


My fragrance of choice was the Lavender Blossom scent. I start adding this to my laundry a few weeks ago. I’ve been adding a full cup (up to the third line marker) to each of my loads of laundry. Purex Crystals really did add an extra boost of freshness to my clothes! I could smell the Lavender Blossom scent on my clothes a week later and the scent still smelled fresh! Purex Crystals is definitely a product I would recommend to anyone who needs (or wants) to add a boost of freshness to their laundry.

Do you use Purex Crystals to add an extra boost of freshness? Which scent do you use?

**I received a free sample of Purex Crystals from Smiley360 to try out and review but my opinions are 100% my own.**

Mailbox Freebies: June

June 26th- 30th

Entrepreneur (Mercury Magazines)

Bon Appetit (Reward Bee)

Rachael Ray Everyday (Recyclebank)

Allure, Shape, and Glamour (Reward Survey)

*Freebies & Free Samples*

Breathe Right Strips (2)

Amazing Grass samples: Green Superfood & Protein Superfood

Simple Solutions by Arm & Hammer Kit: Baking Soda Shaker & booklet (Simple Solutions)

Black Opium Nuit Blanche perfume sample

Exuviance Peel sample

Garnier Fructis Sleek & Shine Zero shampoo & conditioner samples

June 19th-24th

Road & Track (Recyclebank)

Better Homes & Gardens & Family Circle (Value Mags)

Bridal Guide (Mercury Magazines)

People & Real Simple  (Reward Survey)

Entertainment Weekly  (Reward Bee)

*Freebies & Free Samples*

A free copy of The Breakdown from (SheSpeaks.)

4 Equate Ultra Thin Pads from Wal-mart.

Yadah Lip Crayon in Dazzling Red (08Liter)

FREE USPS shipping boxes of various sizes (USPS)

June 12th-17th

Good Housekeeping and Entertainment Weekly (Reward Bee)

Car & Driver (Recyclebank)

People  (Reward Survey)

Yoga Journal (Swagbucks reward: Magazine Gold Card subscription for 250 SB)

*Freebies & Free Samples*

Dove Men + Care Fortifying Shampoo & Conditioner (3 oz sample)

Chanel No.5 perfume sample

Albolene Makeup Remover sample

Live Well Compass Culinary Japanese Matcha Green Tea (free for review via Tomoson)

June 5th-10th

Cosmopolitan, Bon Appetit, Cooking Light, and Entertainment Weekly  (Reward Bee)

Robb Report Best of the Best issue and People  (Reward Survey)

Road & Track (Recycle Bank)

Weight Watchers (Mercury Magazines)

Yoga Journal, 2 issues (Swagbucks reward: Magazine Gold Card subscription for 250 SB)

Nautica Blue cologne sample & Jolly Rancher Pop-Tart in Watermelon flavor sample (Skosay)

*Freebies & Free Samples*

U by Kotex samples

Nivea Men Creme sample

Nature’s Bounty Hair, Skin, and Nails Multivitamin & Probiotic Dietary Supplement (Nature’s Bounty Rewards)


May 29th- June 3rd

I didn’t get much this week but I am happy with what I received.

Rachael Ray’s Everyday magazine (Recycle Bank)

Family Circle (Value Mags)

Cosmopolitan (Reward Bee)

People (Reward Survey)

Weight Watchers (Mercury Magazines)

Cherry Jolly Rancher Pop-Tart sample (Skosay)

Tablet case and screen protector for Trek 2 from Amazon (I got these items for free by using Amazon gift cards I earned from Earning Station & Crowdtap)